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How to Earn Money from Clickbank - Earn Money at Home

How to Earn Money from Clickbank
How to Earn Money from Clickbank

How to Earn Money from Clickbank

Looking for a guide on how to make money with ClickBank? Here’s a complete guide on this.

Earn Money from Clickbank is a program that serves the purpose of an affiliate marketplace. It is also a worldwide retailer. Most of the people in the affiliate marketplace recognize Clickbank. And even with all that information, they lac making money through Clickbank.

On this site, we will inform you about the ways of making money with Clickbank in a straightforward manner. Clickbank is a way of gaining profit by selling products owned by other people- also what affiliate marketing stands for. ClickBank is the core of affiliate marketing.

How to Create ClickBank Account Step by Step

How to Use Clickbank to Make Money

Earn Money from Clickbank works as a middleman between producers and affiliates. It’s pretty simple; all you have to do is create a unique product that an affiliate would be attracted to funnel. Once done, you need to grow your traffic; the more traffic you get, the more easily you can optimize your funnel. 

If the affiliates found your product interesting, they can attract a lot of traffic to your product by linking it to proper accounts. Once you start as an affiliate, you will notice that good products have a lot of affiliate audiences which is never an ideal start for a beginner. It becomes more difficult if the competition is high. 

To pick the right detail you would have to browse through about 20-25 high gravity products. High gravity means that the product has a higher affiliate audience. But, as a beginner, you are recommended to visit countless sales pages and observe their selling methods. 

All you need is to find the perfect product and get in contact with the vendor for affiliate support. And except for that, you need traffic for the products you affiliate or sell

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Create an Account to start promoting Clickbank offers

Sign up for Clickbank as an affiliate. The signing-up process is completely free. All you have to do is visit www.Clickbank.com register for free. You have to fill out a form and provide the program your basic info. 

And when you do, be certain to follow the given steps to have a successful experience as an affiliate or a product vendor.

How to Promote ClickBank offer to make Money

As affiliates, you have to follow these details to gain maximum profit and also learn how to make offers and get people to land on your relevant seller’s page.

Join Promote On ClickBank

Find Your Product On ClickBank

Observe and search for high-gravity products. More affiliate audiences on products are the ones you need to target. High gravity does not necessarily mean dead-end for everyone. All you need is the skill to observe the selling methods and make connections with the producer.

Set Up Funnels

You can set up funnels for the product vendor’s product in three simple ways. Creating funnels means attracting traffic towards the product. 

Direct Linking

Link the products directly with the buyer’s account so that people can approach the product easily and quickly.


You can create a landing page that links your customers directly to the product vendors page. They can land on your page and find the appropriate link that directs them to the ClickBank product. 

A Landing Page With Gifts

You can prescribe gifts to your landing page and gain the emails of the landers in return. This way you are enabled to notify the customers of the latest offers and simultaneously maintain an email list of the people you want to offer the product. 


Since you are responsible for all traffic your affiliated product gets, you should be careful about the funnels and make sure they attract as many customers as possible. The more traffic you get the more profit you make.


That’s all about how to make money using ClickBank. The product vendors should also take note of these details as the duties of the affiliates and responsibilities of a producer are co-related. Product vendors get paid when affiliates do.


What is Clickbank used for?

Clickbank serves multiple purposes of selling, promoting, and growing your business online. It is the house of digital marketing where you can find numerous e-books, videos, and multiple types of software that can promote or sell products. On ClickBank, there are two types of people; product vendors- sellers or affiliates.

What is a product vendor on ClickBank?

See, as product vendors, you basically write the content for your product and post it where several affiliates can track you.  And, as affiliates, you track the content/product and match it up with the relevant account.

What do most people sign up for on ClickBank?

Most people sign up on ClickBank as affiliates and when they get the hang of it, they tend to progress as product vendors. ClickBank is truly a very good source of income if you learn how to practice it properly. So the starting point for a successful career through Clickbank is beginning as an affiliate.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Join Promote On ClickBank

Join Affiliate Marketing on ClickBank

How to Create ClickBank Account Step by Step

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